Setting Up and Managing FileMaker Server on Linux

We use Amazon Web Services Linux (Ubuntu) instances to set up and manage FileMaker Server for our clients.

We install Webmin, a free web-based tool for managing Linux servers. We find its intuitive and powerful interface to be faster, and easier, than a Windows or Mac GUI to manage a FMS installation.

Webmin Features incude:

  • Navigating the server’s complete file file structure, viewing and editing files, and managing ownership and permissions
  • Uploading and downloading files, individually and in bulk, and setting the ownership of uploaded files
  • Running OS commands or scripts using its built in terminal
  • Setting up and managing OS level cron jobs
  • Starting and Stopping Services

We are publishing a pdf document in conjunction with Kyo Logic. It explains, with simple step-by-step instructions, how to set up a Linux server on Amazon Web Services, and install Webmin and Filemaker Server in about 20 minutes.   No prior knowledge of connecting to a Linux server or using Linux commands is needed:

Please click on this link: Setting up an AWS Ubuntu Instance and Installing Webmin and FileMaker Server